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welcome to the Batu Layar Hotel


Batu layar hotel located in Senggigi. is located on the beach and in his face there was a pool and restaurant are quite large, in the form of design villa / cottage with the shape of the letter T. so that each room can not be seen or disturbed by other guest rooms. high floor room and terrace made with a height of one meter, so that guests can sit on the terrace, can see the ocean view, people swimming and guests who are in the restaurant, in addition to the existing cafe Bellina on his face and cafe Mekar, flanked by star hotel senggigi and hotels Astiti and there beside the souvenir shop.




facility which is provided by batu layar hotel is almost the same hotel with star hotel and room rates are very affordable. facility which is provided in the form of swimming pool and restaurant are quite large, also provide hall / meeting room that can accommodate 100 people and 200 people if a class. space in the hall also provide sound system and air conditioner (ac)



besides it also provide for each room that is ac, hot water and cold water, 32-inch LED LCD TV, closet seat, washtafel ,shower. Other facilities are also on offer wi-fi for guests who want to use the internet


infrastructure conditions


each spacious room is 4 x 4 m, spacious bathroom 2 x 4 m, and 2 x 4 m terrace, spacious parking lot can accommodate dozens of cars









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